Non-Separated Rail Fastening Systems






  • Also known as Direct Holding Fastening System
  • Divided into two types: Elastic (mainly using Spring Clips and Spring Blades) and Rigid ( mainly using Rail Clamps and Rail Spikes)
  • The fastening system joins the steel rail with cast-in rail shoulders, in a way, the steel rail and the sleepers are directly connected
  • The clips/clamps are fixed directly onto the cast-in shoulders, instead of tie plates/shoulder plates ( used in separated rail fastening systems)
  • Compatible models of Spring Clips: E1809, E1809, E1817, E1819, E20 series and etc.


E20 Clip System

Item Material Quantity
Rail Pad EVA 1
Insulator PA66+30%GF 2
E20 Clip 60Si2MnA 2
Shoulder QT450-10 2